• Who can play quiz?
    • Presently only ebiz associate can play gk quiz but general and pictorial information section is open for all where non ebiz associate can also read general knowledge.
  • How can I play quiz?
    • Firstly you have to click on ebigk quiz link which is left side of home screen .after clicking this link. You will get quiz category and after selecting category chooses subcategory which you want to play and after selecting subcategory a login window will open then you have to enter your user name and password for playing quiz after entering user name and password you can play quiz.
  • Can I check my previous score static?
    • Yes you can check previous score static’s a just single click on “my static” and get overall currant and previous score static’s with bar diagram.
  • Can I change category during quiz?
    • There is no option is available to change category during quiz, you will get this opportunity to passing every 10 question, where you can change your category while your score and life line remain as same.
  • In which condition game/quiz will over?
    • There are three conditions.
    •  Whenever your life line will be zero.
    •  In one login session you can make only 10 skips after 10 skips     your game will over.
    •  If timer has passed three times without any appropriate     action.
  • What is difference between general information and pictorial information?
    • In general information all data is related to particular information or fully descript ionized while other hand in pictorial information data is based on picture it means pictorial based information
  • Is there any relation between quiz category and general information?
    • No, Both section are differ from each other because in general information provides general knowledge based information while quiz category.
  • Why correct answer is not showing after wrong selection?
    • According to ebizgk quiz we can not show correct answer, if your answer is right then your score will increase otherwise score will remain same.
  • Will my score and life line same during change category?
    • Yes if you want to change category then you have to select category & subcategory again and in this case your score and life line will be as usual as previous.
  • Can I start my quiz after two or three days same as my score and life line?
    • No you can not start your quiz after logout ,in one login session you can maintain your score but after logout you have to play new quiz .
  • How can I check my over all static’s in quiz?
    • We are providing scorer static’s page where you can check all details like top score of day, week, month and personal.
  • How can I inform you if I have found wrong question/answer?
    • There is one link “user comment “will available for users so that they can send us feedback and after screening we will modified it
  • How can I read general and pictorial Information?
    • It is very easy to read information, firstly you have to go on topic & sub topic which you want to read after that subtopic link will show o right side of screen.where you can read all general knowledge just a single click.
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